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Notrax 161 Barrier Rib Entrance Mat, Review

Molded dual-ridge cross-rib pattern (a NoTrax exclusive) facilitates scraping and drying, retaining moisture and debris within its patented/invisible Aqua Dam border, Extremely durable, yet highly fashionable look featuring carpet-to-the-edge to blend with its surroundings, use for Indoor - main entranceways; any and all heavy traffic areas, Anti-Microbial carpet treatment to stop bacteria and germs at the entrance, Densely tufted yarn for increased moisture retention; rubber underside features a cleat design which resists mat slippage, Recommended and approved product as a part of the GreenTRAX program for Green Cleaning environments (when used as part of the Stages system).
Notrax 161 Barrier

Notrax 161 Barrier details and information

- Amazon Sales Rank: #266078 in BISS
- Size: 4' x 10'
- Color: Red/Black
- Brand: NoTrax
- Number of items: 1
- Dimensions: 120.00" h x48.00" w x120.00" l,

Superior 161 barrier rib entrance mat. Barrier Rib is a unique yet highly functional indoor entrance mat with a molded dual-ridge cross-rib pattern to maximize the scraping and drying process. A raised rubber perimeter on all four sides of the mat retains moisture and debris, and an anti-microbial carpet treatment stops bacteria and germs at the entrance. An extremely durable rubber backed mat, Barrier Rib has a highly fashionable look that features carpet-to-the-edge to blend with its surroundings and contemporary color choices to match any decor. Test - Test Description - Results: (1) Abrasion Resistance ASTM D3884-01-Test specimen is subjected to the rubbing action of two abrading wheels under controlled conditions. Results measured in Weight loss (Grams). - .44 (1.1 percent). (2) Accelerated Wear ASTM D5252-98a - Using a Hexapod Tumble Drum tester, after a specified number of cycles, the test specimen is assessed for appearance change and color change. - Number of cycles - 12,000; Appearance rating - 3.0; Color change rating - 3.5 (3) Accelerated Soiling ASTM D6540-00 - Test specimen is subjected to an accelerated soiling process. for a predetermined length of time. The sample is vacuumed, rated, submitted to an extraction device, then rated again. - (Based on visual inspection) 4.0 - Vacuum Rating 4.5 - Rating After Extraction (4) Water Retention - Test specimen is submerged in water for 5 minutes, removed, drained for 15 seconds and weighed. Results measured in weight gain. (Gallons per square yard)-Water weight gain-25.4 percent 0.279. (5) Flammability ASTM D2859 (CPSC FF 1-70) - Intended to measure the mattings response to an ignition source in a controlled environment. The uncharred area of the test specimen must be greater than 1 inch to pass. - 3.6 Inches Note - Passes Federal Flammability Std. DOC FF 1-70. All testing of NoTrax floor matting has been performed by an independent testing laboratory. Face Weight: 26 oz. of tufted polypropylene yarn per sq. yd. Available in red/black color.

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