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Apache Mills 60-461-1401 Crosshatch Entrance Mat, Review

New needle punch carpet with extra course fibers and surface coating for longer wear, Functional, non-directional scraping pattern offers outstanding performance with high fashion appeal, Heavy duty rubber reinforced pattern prevents pile crushing, a double border traps dirt and water away from indoor floors, Stain and fade resistant, Excellent water absorption and dries quickly.
Apache Mills 60-461-1401

Apache Mills 60-461-1401 details and information

- Amazon Sales Rank: #280050 in Home
- Size: 3'X5'
- Color: Chocolate
- Brand: Apache Mills
- Model: 60-461-1401-3x5
- Dimensions: .38" h x60.00" w x36.00" l, 13.00 pounds

Crosshatch, part of our EcoMat line and one of our most popular mats, is available with an extremely rugged carpet surface for long-term wear. Both the surface and backing materials are made with recycled materials.

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